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I am currently a Lorenz postdoc fellow at the MIT department of Earth and Planetary Science. My main research interest is integrating machine learning techniques into climate science.  Specifically, I am  currently working on how to use machine learning to represent small scale processes, such as convection and clouds, in climate models (see two recent papers 1, I published with Paul O'Gorman and a short summary). Better representations of convection and clouds are urgently needed for reducing the uncertainties in climate projections.  Reducing the the uncertainties in climate projections are crucial for policy makers to plan ahead, and are the biggest challenge for climate scientists nowadays. 

I did my PhD in Atmospheric dynamics under the supervision of Yohai Kaspi and M.Sc. in Physics under the supervision of Samuel Safran at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Here you can read about my adventures before I went into the academic world. These adventures have eventually lead me to study the climate system.